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What is Meister Cook University?

Meister Cook University is a training program specifically for restaurant personnel, management, and technicians. Meister Cook University was designed to further restaurant knowledge about Hot Hold® operations and food by creating interactive courses. We are constantly adding new courses to benefit restaurants who use the Meister Cook Hot Hold®.

Why should I enroll in Meister Cook University?

Whether you’re restaurant personnel, management, or a technician, Meister Cook University has courses available for you to gain knowledge about the Meister Cook Hot Hold®, food safety, programming and more.

Is Meister Cook University free?

Yes! Meister Cook University is free to all restaurant franchisees to use for their personnel, technicians, or themselves.

| Course Questions |

How do I enroll in a course?

Go to homepage where you will first select a job position section that matches you. Once you have selected either personnel, management, or technician, you will be asked to sign up or log in to your account. You will then decide on a course you would like to take and press the “Get Started” button for that course. You are now enrolled.

How many courses should I enroll in?

We suggest you enroll in all the courses in your job position section. For example, if you are restaurant personnel, we suggest you enroll in all the courses designed for restaurant personnel.

Can I take courses that are higher or lower than my job title?

You can, but we suggest staying in your job position section. If you have completed the first level of a course in your section, you can enroll in the second level Advanced course in your job position section.

What is my reward for completing a course?

Once you have submitted the quiz for a course, you have completed the course and will be emailed a Certificate of Completion. Make sure the email you signed up with is accurate so you receive the certificate.

Can I start a quiz now and come back to it later?

No. Once you have started a quiz, you should finish the quiz in one sitting. You will know when you have completed the quiz once you reach the end and press “Submit Quiz.”

Are the quizzes timed?

No. You have as much time as you need to complete the quizzes.

Does enrolling in Meister Cook University substitute reading the Hot Hold® Operator’s Manual?

No. You should always read the Operator’s Manual before operating the Hot Hold® which comes with the unit and is available online here.

How long does each course take?

The amount of time a course takes depends on what job position section it is in.

  • A restaurant personnel course will take an average of 30-35 minutes to complete.
  • A restaurant management course will take an average of 45-50 minutes to complete.
  • A restaurant technician course could take over 1 hour to complete.

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What is a Hot Hold®?

The Hot Hold®, designed by the company Meister Cook, is a Product Holding Unit (PHU) for restaurant chains. It is designed to keep already cooked food hot and fresh for hours. They can be purchased at

How do I contact someone if I have a question regarding Meister Cook University?

For Meister Cook University or Hot Hold® related questions, you can contact us here: